Batterie Strom Wärme GmbH
Georg-Ohm-Straße 15
23617 Stockelsdorf

Telefon: 04 51 / 49 80 36
Telefax: 04 51 / 4 99 23 87


Ship Service

Dear costumer, we like to give you some short information:

Our Activities

  • Trade with batteries of all kinds – contractor of named companies
  • Delivery, installation and service of batteries including
  • Planning

Main business

  • Industrial batteries for Safety Systems, e.g. emergency lighting, uninterruptible power supply systems / UPS
  • Maintenance and capacity tests of batteries

Services available for ships

  • Delivery of starting batteries for emergency generators and life boots
  • Battery charger and inverter, rectifier for automation- systems, UPS- systems, UPS for NAV equipment
  • Backup- batteries for UPS general purpose, for communication and radio systems, emergency equipment as Fire safety center, alarms, GMDSS
  • Delivery of battery packs / Lithium- Cells / Special manufacture
  • Disassembly and disposal of batteries with our partners
  • Solving battery problems / on- board services
  • Own battery stock

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